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Element Logic - Workshop (2. og 3. klasse)
Element Logic - Workshop (2. og 3. klasse)

man. 30. okt.



Element Logic - Workshop (2. og 3. klasse)

Are you interested in robotics, automation & cutting-edge technologies?

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Tid og sted

30. okt. 2023, 11:30 – 20:00

Trondheim, Sem Sælands vei 1, 7034 Trondheim, Norway


Om arrangementet

Join us for an afternoon workshop to invent the next success story with the Element Logic team!

Together we will build innovative ideas within the industries of the future.

The workshop will be followed by a networking event where you can get to know more about our company and the many opportunities that we have for you!

The workshop will take place at the mine NTNU (gruva) and lunch and dinner will be served.

Mazemap link:,63.417133&zoom=18&campusid=1&sharepoitype=poi&sharepoi=1001081050

Element Logic is a leading technology company based within Warehouse Automation Solutions, one of the fastest growing industries fueled by the e-commerce boom. Element Logic is growing its international footprint both in Europe and America with a presence today is more than +15 countries (Western & Central Europe, USA and Latin America)

Merk! Avslutningstidspunkt er flytende, så du trenger ikke å bli til 20:00 om du ikke har mulighet. Vel møtt!


  • 30 minutter


  • 15 minutter

    Introduksjon av Element Logic

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